Friday, November 30, 2007

Scavenger hunt

November 30, and I have reached 30 items on my Scavenger Hunt list. It has been a joy, an education, and an eye-opener hunting through new blogs in search of interesting items. I orginally got (stole) the idea from Radioactive Jam. RaJ started with a list of suggested items, then created the posts to fit (to great effect). I went the other way, and created the list as I went along.

I've discovered some gems during the hunt, because I have gone out of my comfort zone, and concentrated on finding a point of interest in blogs I would normally skip. Calfkeeper for example, from Dairy Daze . The beautifully written entries about her life on a dairy farm are so fascinating, I've added her to my blogroll.

Looking back over the list, I am delighted with the range of items. Funny words, places, names, recipes, animals, events, pictures, and music. And it shows a novice blogger like me what a rich and broad spectrum of topics there are being written about.

So this is it for this year's PoMo. November 30 is the perfect day for a warm, fuzzy and sentimental post about what a wonderful blog-world we enjoy. Cue Louis Armstrong.


Danielle said...

What a fun idea, a thirty-day blog scavenger hunt. Very cool.

Anyways, thanks for including me, and my te-maki, on the list. Glad you enjoyed it. Even if it did include a picture where you can practically see my tonsils. :-)

Radioactive Jam said...

Louis Armstrong! Yes!

And I still think *your* weblog-based scavenger hunt is a great scheme. If you ever decide to turn it into a multi-player activity - hunt through various blogs for a day, week, whatever - count me in.

Ann said...

The scavenger hunt is a great idea. And there are so many ways to tweak it to fit your own style. I will have to keep it in mind.

I hope you keep your blog rolling now that NaBloPoMo is over. I've enjoyed reading it.


Good on ya! Congrats on finishing a whole month and I'm so glad I met you and all the other wonderful new bloggers through this NaBloPoMo thingy.

Anika said...

NaPaBloMo was so very wonderful, and I've now come across various blogs that I will continuously read (this one included). But now that it's over, I have drawn a blank as to what to write about . . . I, too, am in great need of material!