Sunday, November 25, 2007


I started this blog just before the beginning of November, to participate in NaBloPoMo and to bring something new into my life.

I have loved it, but I'm on the verge of NaBloPoMoOLo - National Blog Posting Month Over Load. I started with the best of intentions, of joining groups, participating in discussions, visiting lots and lots of new blogs, and writing lots and lots of new comments. Phew! It didn't take long until those intentions fell by the wayside, suffering from the intrusion of my real (non-blogging) life. I am struggling to keep up.

The reason for my NaBloPoMoOLo is that I have found some brilliant blogs. And they all have new posts every single day. All the people on my blogroll have been added sinced the beginning of November, and they are not the professional bloggers that make a bazillion dollars for this. Not yet. Maybe one day we will be the new inner circle of superstar bloggers, and spend our bazillion dollars jetting around the world visiting each other. I know for starters, if I ever get sick, I'm going straight to wherever Killer is working, so he can be my nurse. And Radioactive Jam has a special secret connection with Hobart - RaJ, I'm still waiting for the details.

Urban Pedestrian and Stella Devine also deserve a special mention. The fact that I know you are reading inspires me put in a little extra effort.

Bring on December, and the chance to get to know and read more of you, at a more leisurely pace. I am looking forward to it.



I feel your pain. Writing a blog every day isn't all that bad, but reading everyone's blog every day and making relevant comments on a lot of them every day -- that's getting to be a full time job. Which would really be a great full time job, if it actually were a full time job. Unfortunately, I have a full time job that's not nearly as interesting, plus a full time life which requires hours and hours of attention each and every day. 5 more days!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,
Thanks for visiting and sorry I have let the side down by not only starting late on NaBloPoMo but also failing to write anything close to one blogpost a day. But still - it got me back into blogging and that is good.
Yes, there are great blogs out there - and lovely people.
Your blog sounds like a lot of fun (well, and trauma) and I think I will read it since I have been going through something vaguely similar, but altogether different - and it is, well wonderful and awful at the same time, isn't it?
Anyway - I was only meant to be saying hello.

WORDofRYE said...

Girl, I am SO with you! I've found all these great new blogs (yours!), and I can't keep up ... with posting on my own, with commenting on others or even reading them in a timely manner! I want to respond to the comments left on my blog ... I want to thank each and every person who has read or commented.
It's okay - I think everyone who's doing NaBloPoMo understands :) We'll all catch up in December, hopefully.
And I am TOTALLY looking forward to the day WE become bazillion dollar bloggers! haha

Calfkeeper said...

Let me join everyone else and say that yes, I too am spending too much time reading everyone else's blogs to write any of my own. It's great!
Thanks for visiting!

Noreen said...

I've already given up on blogging everyday, but I do like visiting everyone else's blogs.

December is coming soon. Things will definitely calm down then.

Ann said...

I'm burnt out as well. But I just keep telling myself that it's almost over, and I've come so far to quit now.

Keep it up, just a few more days!

Radioactive Jam said...

What is this "leisurely pace" of which you speak? I know of no such thing in the blogging realm.

Killer said...

I have been able to post everyday by neglecting my blog reading job.

I hope to update my blogroll and get back in the swing of blog reading soon.

Luckily it seems when you find a new blog to read, an old one decides to go on hiatus. It is like a revolving group at times.