Friday, November 16, 2007

Our Big Weekend

This is the front page headline on the local Hobart newspaper, The Mercury.

"On your marks, get set, go... for Tassie's biggest weekend of the year. You name it, it's happening. From Test Cricket to protest rallies, from V8 Supercars to Christmas Pageants, from the Point to Pinnacle to bingo championships. If you get bored this weekend, you are bored with life. ALL THE ACTION: Pages 4-6"

1. Point to Pinnacle. A 21km up-hill running race. Will not be attending.
2. Hobart Christmas Pageant. A parade down the main street. Will be attending.
3. Myer Grand Re-opening. This department store burned to the ground a few months ago, and is re-opening in a new building. I have a pair of sunglasses to return, but Will not be attending this weekend. Too crowded.
4. Second Cricket Test Australia vs Sri Lanka. Will be attending on Sunday (weather permitting)
5. The Wilderness Society Anti-Pulp Mill Rally. The pulp mill is a very bad thing. WILL BE ATTENDING.
6. Mercury Surf Safari. I don't know what this is, but it sounds watery. Will not be attending.
7. The Whitlams in concert. Classic Aussie band, tickets $28.50. Will not be attending.
8. Mark Webber Challenge. Spectator event as world class Aussie sports stars compete in physical challenges (cycling, running, kayaking etc) to raise money for charity. Will not be attending.
9. Boating and Leisure Expo. Will not be attending
10. V8 Supercars. Too far from my house. Will not be attending.
11. Tasmanian Bingo Championships. How do you have a Bingo Champion? Isn't it all luck? Will not be attending.
12. Huon Show. Horse Events from 8.30am, general show events from 9.00am. Will likely feature flower show, cake baking competitions, and dog show. Would love to (I like cakes), but will not be attending.
13. Comedian Peter Berner live. Tickets $34. Too expensive and too high-brow. Will not be attending.

So, of 13 events, I will be attending 3. That's 23%. But the Mercury forgot:
14. Linda and Jason's Wedding. My old flatmate weds the man of her dreams and the father of her child (same guy). Will be attending.

Which takes me to 28.5%. A good show, I feel. I am definitely not "bored with life", The Mercury.


Radioactive Jam said...

Maybe you should reconsider the Bingo Championships; it seems like a potential blogging goldmine. The adrenaline! The pre-game warmups! The dark horse challenger! The heart-warming champion! The scandalous Bingo Babes and Beefcakes serving drinks! Etc.

Or you could just make up something. Either way...


I have to agree with raj - the Tasmanian Bingo thing looks like the event of the weekend. Another outing for your Race Day finery?? Here's what's happening on my weekend: Buy groceries, vacuum and dust; do load of laundry - whites; stop at library

Ann said...

That's a front page headline? What a mouthfull!

Sounds like uber fun! Especially the wedding.

WORDofRYE said...

Wow ... I'm tired just reading all that! My weekend looks a lot more like urban pedestrian's. Fun, fun!