Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Poker night

I am off to play poker, as I regularly do on Wednesday evenings. It is a wonderful game, and I am an absolute novice at it, which means I'm crap, and I never win. Well, I haven't so far. My strategy is to bide my time, learning the moves and styles of the other players, ready to take them down when they least expect it. I play with a regular group, and we have a $10 buy-in, which I consider to be a small investment for an evening's entertainment. Cheaper than a movie ticket, and lasts longer.

I also love golf, and I am rubbish at that too. It's another activity where the good bits outweigh my lack of skill. The good bits are the pleasure of walking around a beautiful course, spending a couple of hours with my friends, fresh air, sunshine and exercise.

Scrabble is one game that I love and I am actually quite good at. Unlike poker and golf, however, I have discovered it is extremely difficult to socialise while playing Scrabble. The level of concentration is too high to chat. I just got a new Scrabble set, which has a built-in rotating base underneath, and plastic ridges to keep the tiles in place on top. Deluxe!



Oooo - I'm pea green with envy over your deluxe scrabble set. Mine's a thousand years old and my tiles are all in an old crown royal bag..

Radioactive Jam said...

Now I want a rotating ridged Scrabble set. Hmm... Christmas gift for the Radioactive Spouse? I'm thinking yes.

Ann said...

Some people are meant to play poker, and some are meant to play Scrabble...I can't play either.