Sunday, November 25, 2007

A Kiwi story

For the sake of this story, I have to reveal my name. You'll find out why at the end. It's Nerida.

I was in New Zealand for a free Contiki Tour with a bunch of travel agents. Contiki Tours are reknowned for being a wild ride, and travel agents are renowned for always being up for a party. Put the two together, and it was non-stop madness.

We toured the North Island of New Zealand. Some of the highlights were going through an underground river in an inner-tube and seeing glow worms on the ceiling of the cave, jet boating on Lake Taupo, riding a cable-car up a mountain and a luge back down, and the thermal springs in Rotorua.

While we were in Rotorua, we went to a Maori hangi feast. A hangi is cooking food in a pit underground, covered with hot rocks for several hours. Along with the feast was a demonstration of all the Maori cultural activities, including the Haka, and the poi.

There was also a warrior contest, where they split the crowd and each half had a warrior to cheer for. Twenty drunk travel agents, all chanting the name of our warrior.

"An-na-ru! An-na-ru! An-na-ru!" Late that night, we went to the thermal baths to relax and unwind. The baths are outdoors, carved from the volcanic rocks. The night air was cool, and the water was warm. We lay back and watched the steam rise into the darkness.

The following night was our final night in New Zealand, and we spent it in Auckland. And this is where I met the Kiwi for the first time. In a crowded backpackers bar. At the bar. He looked at me, I smiled, and that was it. We hit it off instantly, and there were sparks flying. And apparently it was not only obvious to me, but also obvious to everyone else there, including my travel companions.

The Kiwi and I talked and flirted, and eventually moved away from the bar and onto the dance floor. Things were hotting up as we danced closer and closer. We were at that precious moment when our faces were getting closer and closer together and I knew we were about to kiss for the first time....

Then, I heard the crowd. The travel agents had recruited the rest of the patrons at the bar, who started chanting,
"Ne-ri-da! Ne-ri-da! Ne-ri-da!"

Lucky I'm adorable when I blush.


Menchuvian Candidate said...

Excellent-but who snapped that last pic of him going in for the kiss? ::::giggle:::::

Radioactive Jam said...

I hope you followed with your best fierce, wide-eyed, tongue-out warrior look (like An-na-ru's).

Then again maybe not; hard telling how that might be read.

*notes 'Contiki Tours' for future reference should a South Pacific tour opportunity ever arise*


Sounds like an awesome trip - adventure, romance, sex. It's like a movie of the week.

Ann said...

great story!

what happened next?? did the crowd interrupt the first kiss? or did it happen anyway? and if it did, was there an exuberant amount of cheering from the crowd? enquiring minds want to know!

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