Wednesday, November 28, 2007


I wouldn't refer to myself as a tramp, and yet I am not without a certain amount of experience when it comes to holiday flings. I've travelled around the world a lot, and it seems that travelling is a great time to get lucky. I think it's because I don't behave the same way when I am in another country where I don't know anyone. Something to do with inhibitions. I won't reveal how many different nationalities I have under my belt, but my friends are impressed by my research.

So, in my opinion, here are the top 3 nationalities for bedroom skills.

1. New Zealand. Fun, adventurous, skillful and enthusiastic.
2. Australian. Fun, adventurous, skillful and enthusiastic.
3. Scottish. Fun, skillful and enthusiastic.

Special mention: Dutch. Adventurous and skillful.

Bottom 3 nationalities.

1. German. Just...bad. Could use a few pointers from their Dutch neighbours.
2. Moroccan. Bit my bottom lip so much that it puffed up like a balloon, and I had to take a day off work the next day because I was too embarrassed to go out in public.
3. South African. Have a tendency to fall asleep at inappropriate moments (in my limited experience)

These are broad and sweeping cultural generalisations, and my personal opinion only. The Checklist always trumps nationality.


WORDofRYE said...

My, but you DO get around! haha

Menchuvian Candidate said...

Of course this is only good science if your samples were large and random...

Congratulations on the first, thanks for taking the hit on the latter, and, well, maybe we should talk sometime about exactly what you think those visa inoculations cover...

Ann said...

I had a crush on a guy from South Africa once. He was so good looking! But now I'm glad nothing happened. hahha!

SmartlikeStreetcar said...

And not a Canadian any where in sight... Just let me say that in such a cold country, we're very good at staying warm!

Noreen said...

Heh, you've far more experience with different nationalities than me. ;)