Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Virtue is its own reward?

I was cleaning up my bedroom yesterday and I found a long-forgotten cheque for $325.00. I also found 6 safety pins, 2 buttons (origin unidentified), a stapler with no staples, a calculator, a lipstick, a recipe for lemon curd, a wine bottle cork, my camera case, my sunglasses case, headphones, and 8 pens.

I thought the cheque was exciting, and then when I found a box of staples, I thought all my Christmasses had come at once!


Killer said...

Well, did you cash the check or not?

If you did...I would like to borrow some of those buttons.

Nerevised said...

Yes, I cashed the cheque. Now I can afford a haircut!

alejna said...

Wow. A cheque. And a box of staples, even. That almost would inspire me to clean my bedroom. Or at least rummage through the piles on a treasure hunt.

Congratulations on the big haul.

Lynelle said...

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